What is a DVLA driving licence check?

A driving licence check is an important verification process used to ensure that the employee driving a company vehicle has the correct qualifications and is authorised to do so. The process involves checking the employee’s driver licence details, including the name, date of birth, and address, as well as any endorsements or restrictions that may be on the driver’s record.


The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the organisation that issues and records all driving licence information in the UK, making it the authority for accurate driver licence checks. This type of check is an important safety measure, helping employers by utilising the Safe2Drive system to identify any potential risks associated with allowing someone to drive a vehicle on their behalf.

Efficiency of Driver Checks

Efficiency of the driving licence check is more important for larger organisations because they do hundreds or even thousands of DVLA Driver Licence Checks each year. As a result, there are now extra needs, such as reporting, reminders, and automatic rechecking.

The good news is these services are offered by the Safe2Drive Solutions driver’s licence check service.

The necessity for health and safety activities like driver licence checks grows as employers found guilty of corporate manslaughter and violating health and safety laws will now face harsher fines.

Regular Licence Checking

Regular driving licence checks to ensure that employees are qualified to operate the class of vehicle they have been assigned are an essential component of any health and safety strategy at organisations where employees frequently drive for work-related purposes.

The research from RAC Insurance, however, reveals that just about one in ten drivers (13%) would inform their employer if they accrued penalty points while driving.

A quarter (25%) of drivers who already had penalty points did not notify any organisation when they acquired them, according to the poll, which also revealed that nearly a fifth of drivers overall (18%) would not notify their insurance if they accrued points while driving.

The consequences of failing to declare penalty points are severe, with drivers running the possibility of having insurance that is no longer worth anything and facing harsh fines from the police.

If an employer permits an employee to use a vehicle while on company business without a legal licence, the employer may also be held responsible for the employee’s activities.