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The most innovative Driving Licence & Grey Fleet Checking solution in the UK

Created & developed by leading experts who have a wealth of knowledge in Logistics, Transport, Insurance, Fleet, HR, Road Risk & Training Industries.

Safe2Drive aims to constantly transform the way our clients view and approach the need to check their employee’s driving licence & grey fleet check information by providing insightful approaches via the Safe2Drive web portal and mobile app. 

Online Driver Profiling & Driver E-Training

Safe2Drive also offers clients access to Online Profiling and E-Training for drivers of all types of vehicles. The system uses a combination of high-definition video footage and still images, and the driver risk assessment system is a ‘skills and knowledge’ system which means it adopts the tried and trusted approach of assessing drivers ‘in vehicle’ but places the process online.

Online Management of Road Risk Compliance

The Safe2Drive Fleet Academy is an online service providing businesses with legal guidance and resources needed to tackle occupational road risk within your business. Up-to-date policy templates are ‘ready to use’ and roll out across your business which improve procedures and communications to create a positive driving at-work culture and improved driver engagement.

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Drivers Licence Checks

Verifying Drivers' Licences

Our system offers businesses in the UK and Ireland a failsafe way to ensure that their drivers aren’t compromising the operation of the organisation or brand reputational damage.

Foreign Licence Checking

Checking Foreign Drivers' Licences

We assist organisations in verifying the driving licences of employees who have a current driver’s licence from their country of residence.
Grey Fleet Checks

Grey Fleet - Vehicle Document Checks (for employees who use their own vehicle for work purposes)

We focus on ensuring that if any employee uses their own vehicles for business purposes, they meet all legal requirements, such as Insurance Coverage, MOT, CO2 Emissions, Vehicle Age, Breakdown Cover and Road Tax.
Northern Ireland Driving Licence Checks

Northern Ireland Driving Licence Checks

Drivers who use their Northern Irish Driving Licence to drive for work should have their driving licence checked by Safe2Drive via their employer to ensure they are compliant.

Reducing Road Risks

Monitoring Road Risks

Our traffic signal categorises drivers into risk profiles based on the number of points on their driving licence record, and with this segmentation the system is able to allocate frequencies of checks to the drivers’ licence.
CPC & Tachograph

Tachograph and CPC Checks

When requested on behalf of a driver, CPC and Tacho Card start and expiration dates are reported into a client’s portal.
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When you work with us, you will be partnering with experts who are dedicated to surpassing customers’ requirements.

Advanced Data Security
GDPR system and staff compliant for Licence & Grey Fleet Checks
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Decades of Industry Experience - Licence & Grey Fleet Checks
Time Tested Customer Success

Such a simple, quick way to organise

It’s incredibly quick and simple to organise, keep track of, and retrieve all the information you require with just a few button clicks. For any organisation that needs to keep track of all employee licence information, I would definitely recommend Safe2Drive.
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Grey Fleet – Vehicle Document Checks

The Safe2Drive Grey Fleet Management Software will provide your company with a powerful, legal, and fully compliant fleet management solution. Our Grey Fleet system is critical for managing your grey fleet drivers and ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements.

Safeguard your company & your brand reputation.

Whenever an employee is involved in an accident and a person dies, questions may well be raised about who gave permission, what the employer’s policy is and what procedures are in place, as well as whether the employee’s car has the correct type of insurance, and the vehicle is fit for purpose, and who owns the vehicle.

We assist in keeping your company protected.

Grey Fleet Checking


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