API – Systems Integration

The Safe2Drive API – System Integration is powerful, versatile, quick, intelligent, scalable and adaptable, this can simplify app development, saving time and money.

Our Systems Integration – API (Application Programming Interface), is a simple set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software. This can be explained as a data bridge of service between two applications. This data bridge defines how the two communicate with each other using requests and responses.

Our API provides the data for clients and partners for Systems Integration of People & Vehicle Data throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Our API works as a middle layer between the client and the server, making it possible to send data requests and responses. The driving licence and grey fleet data transmission between our system and our clients allows them to access functionality supplied by Safe2Drive rather than having to build an in-house solution, ensuring the delivery of both driver licence data and grey fleet data can be immersed into the client’s application, making it truly bespoke.

System Integration Infographic

Licence Reducing Complexity on our API call sequence

Safe2Drive Systems Integration keeps it simple, providing a robust way for its clients to connect to its API (application programming interface), making it clear how they select the data end points that are vital for their business requirements, and providing the necessary documentation and support when required.

Integrated APIs

We provide different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Safe2Drive to assist fleets verify licences more quickly. Our linked APIs could save your HR staff hours if scheduling licencing checks for your drivers takes up a large percentage of their time.

Integrate our driving licence checking into your portfolio with the help of our APIs.

Optimise your existing procedure

Using our APIs, you may create a seamless automated procedure.

Add licence checking to your application

By providing your clients with effortless licence checks, you may increase productivity. Maintaining licenses for driving can be difficult, particularly for companies with a large number of drivers. Making ensuring every driver in your company adheres is essential, but doing so can seem like an overwhelming chore, especially if you lack the tools to handle the licence checking & grey fleet tasks.

Our API was designed around the API user, and features on 

  • Systems Integration Documentation
  • Stability and Consistency
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Ease of Adoption
  • Realtime Licence Results
  • 24/7 Results
  • Paperless Driver Permission
  • Schedule Licence Checks as required
  • Driver Declaration lasts 3 Years


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