Safe2Drive Solutions offers a comprehensive and innovative system for managing driving licences and grey fleets.

Here are some key features that make it effective:
  1. Versatile System: Renowned experts developed and created Safe2Drive’s system. Our experience gained in the logistics, transport, insurance, fleet, HR, road risk, & training industries. It offers a wide range of driver checks, including DVLA licence checking, grey fleet checking, and vehicle safety information.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Offering a comprehensive and innovative system for managing driver licence & grey fleet checks, it is designed to be quick and simple. Clients can organise, keep track of, and retrieve all the information they require with just a few button clicks.
  3. API Integration: Safe2Drive provides a powerful and versatile API for third-party system integration. This allows clients to integrate driving licence checks and grey fleet data into their own applications, making the system truly bespoke.
  4. Cloud Security: The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud in the UK. The system offers the latest cloud security technology, including cutting-edge physical and cyber protection. Its intelligent failover will preserve business continuity and provide immediate backup to a second data centre in the UK.
  5. Customisable Driving Licence & Grey Fleet Checks: The system allows clients to manage their own settings, processes, and practices to fit their compliance needs.
  6. Real-Time Results: The client portal & API provide real-time driving licence and grey fleet results 24/7, allowing for immediate access to vital driver & vehicle information.
  7. DVLA Data: no more viewing or sharing my driving licence as is a manual DVLA process.

These features contribute to the effectiveness of Safe2Drive solutions. The system is robust and reliable for managing driver & vehicle compliance needs.