How does Safe2Drive measure the effectiveness of a Driver E-Training programme?

Safe2Drive measures the effectiveness of their Driver E-Training programme through a combination of methods. We utilise HD video footage, still images, and expert guidance to create engaging and informative modules. The effectiveness is further assessed by incorporating multiple-choice questions to gauge driver engagement and understanding.

Additionally, Safe2Drive’s effectiveness of the Driver E-Training programme tracks improvements in driver performance and behaviour on the road, and with the Fleet Academy, we look for a reduction in collisions and other incidents as a result of the training. Safe2Drive has the Fleet Academy for clients, so they can conduct fleet safety audits and provide compliance assistance to ensure that drivers are adhering to safety standards.

For a broader perspective on training effectiveness, organisations often follow steps such as clearly identifying training goals, gathering learner feedback, and using key performance indicators (KPIs) to track changes in employee performance pre- and post-driver e-training. This multifaceted approach helps in understanding not just what the drivers have learned, but also how they apply this knowledge in their day-to-day driving for work.

Safe2Drive’s commitment to effective road risk management is evident in their comprehensive approach, which includes driver licence checks, grey fleet management, and the provision of a driving for work app, all aimed at improving driver performances through their Driver E-Training online platform.