‘New Driving Licence & Grey Fleet Platform shakes up the Fleet Industry’

Safe2Drive, a business set up by industry road risk experts, Allan Gibbons, Scott McLennan, and Sinead Moy are pleased to announce details of their new and innovative road risk management platform designed to keep businesses compliant.

Using their 25 years’ knowledge and experience in the sector, alongside collaboration and feedback from clients over many years, the Safe2Drive team were able to build a best-in-class bespoke system that bridges the shortfalls identified in the marketplace.

Allan Gibbons, Safe2Drive founder, commented, “Every business which has employees driving as part of their role, needs a sophisticated & auditable risk management platform to ensure they are operating within a strict legal framework – it is their fundamental responsibility. Businesses can be fined if they cannot demonstrate that their drivers have a valid driving licence, have insurance, and that the vehicles they are driving are legally compliant.

The fastest growing risk we see is drivers using their own cars for company business, known as the “Grey Fleet” drivers, and we believe these vehicles must become visible within a company’s compliance reporting to comply with regulatory requirements.

These employees must ensure their vehicles have a valid MOT, Road Tax, and ensure they add ‘business use’ to their own insurance policy.  Businesses have a duty of care to their employees, and knowing they are fully insured when driving for company business is crucial.”

The innovative Safe2Drive platform enables both a fleet manager and employee, via an ‘App’ to jointly manage this important exchange of information to ensure that the business and the driver operate secure levels of governance and legal compliance.

Bespoke reporting can be built into the platform to suit the unique needs of a business to enable the Fleet Manager to view a comprehensive reporting dashboard to monitor and manage their drivers’ driving licence, insurance and vehicle compliancy.

Furthermore, the Safe2Drive platform also provides data about ‘Grey Fleet’ vehicles to determine their legal compliance & safety, along with their environmental impact, that can assist with their business analysis.

The new platform can be fully integrated into existing business systems and can incorporate the clients corporate branding to ensure a seamless look and feel for users.

The founders of Safe2Drive, Allan Gibbons and Scott McLennan have decades of experience with the automotive, insurance and technology markets.