Checking Your DVLA Drivers Licence Check Online:

DVLA Driving Licence Checks by Safe2Drive Solutions is an online way of checking your driving licence online with Safe2Drive is simple and very secure. To get started, visit the Safe2Drive Solutions Website , or contact us and leave some basic information about yourself and your driving licence checking requirements and one of the team will get back to you.

What’s Delivered:

DVLA Driving Licence Checking Service by Safe2Drive Solutions delivers a real time system & service for checking your driving licence online that is entirely GDPR compliant and offers:

  • A best of class internet portal that is instantly accessible anytime to check and review all of the driver’s licences & driving licence information in real time
  • All driving licence violations on your drivers and alerts ensuring total visibility.
  • Alerting you of any driver address non matches.
  • User defined system views – Control Centre producing system actions for the client.
  • Data Breach Protection – PII – Personal Identifiable Information – Minimisation
  • Multiple automated check frequencies, with email alerts
  • Encrypted Internal File & Data
  • Driver actions – direct to the driver via a Driver App
  • Supporting your HSE “Duty of Care” company driving policies
  • Electronic Declaration & Paper Declaration Options
  • User Defined Reporting
  • ISO27001 accreditation
  • Dashboard  Summary – A snapshot of your drivers’ licence status
  • UK, NI, EU & International licences checks
  • User Defined Management Dashboard
  • Driver Information dynamic importing
  • UK Check Now – Instant check results
  • Instantaneous Licence Check Results
  • Driver Risk Profile Score
  • Online Driver Boarding
  • Licence renewal date
  • Data Management
  • Modular System
  • System Alerts
The outdated way was to manually to do your DVLA Driver Licence Checks to gain the driving licence details one at a time and you had to have all the employees details via the DVLA

What we do:

With the use of DVLA Driving Licence Checking Service by Safe2Drive Solutions, you can easily verify the validity of each driver’s licence against the most recent DVLA and DVA NI information. The system is setup to recheck the drivers continuously and automatically. Our system ensures your business is advised through the portal and alerts of all issues relating to driving licence compliance. This provides you total ownership of how you control your drivers driving licence status.