Electronic Driver’s Licence Check 

Fleet managers are supported in their daily tasks by the electronic driver’s licence check. The Safe2Drive software can be used to verify the validity of driving licences.

The Safe2Drive software simplifies the Driver’s Licence Check, with the software serving as the foundation for all licence checks. The software’s main focus is on automating and recording the check results from the DVLA.

No Need for Manual Driving Licence Checks

Electronic driving licence checks replace the requirement to check a licence or a photocard with a visual inspection at the office by the fleet manager. When a driving licence is visually inspected, an employee makes the decision regarding whether the check has been passed in both situations, but with no source information from the DVLA, this is no longer an option.

Driving a Company Car or Grey Fleet Vehicle

The business will have a drivers policy, and part of this policy should be a driver’s licence check of the employee. The licence check is one of the most crucial things to check before being allowed to drive the vehicle. The drivers licence will be checked on a set frequency, depending on the company’s check frequency, which will form part of the drivers policy.

Ways to Check a Driver’s Licence

Your business will perform a driver’s licence check, and you must complete a declaration to approve a driver’s licence check being carried out. Safe2Drive provides different ways to facilitate the E-Declaration. Once the E-Declaration is completed, it is valid for three years. The company can check the driver’s licence as often as it deems necessary, depending on the number of points and the risk to the business.

How does the fleet’s driver’s licence check operate? 

There are several ways to properly implement the driver’s licence check in the fleet. No matter the method employed in this case, it is crucial to check all pertinent information (driver information, driving licence number, validity dates, categories, expiries, etc.). In the past, the two most widely used techniques were to record driving licence information in Excel templates, holding all the drivers personal identifiable information. However, due to their high error rate and the fact that they are not GDPR compliant, Safe2Drive supports the use of the Safe2Drive specialised licence checking software for electronic driver’s licence checks.

Regarding manual driving licence inspections: 

The fleet manager no longer needs to see the original driver’s licence from every employee who has access to the fleet (company cars or pool vehicles). This saves time and money for the business. The fleet manager maintains all pertinent driver information within Safe2Drive’s secure and encrypted system.

Safe2Drive’s system automatically checks the driver’s licence when it’s due, rather than the previous way, where there was a driver’s visual inspection when set by the fleet manager. Safe2Drive’s system will generally check a driver’s licence twice or four times a year. The Safe2Drive system will perform automatically the scheduled licence checks and send out any reminders or alerts to the driver or the system administration by email or the app. The benefit of this process is that it cuts down on the need to organise face-to-face appointments with the drivers, as these have become unnecessary as a result.

Safe2Drive Solutions verifies all the drivers licences within the business using the latest cloud based technology. Safe2Drive is capable of supporting accurate driver’s licence verification through their desktop application, mobile application, or API.

Businesses have a number of control responsibilities when they run a fleet of vehicles or provide vehicles to their employees. A fleet manager can typically be given these control obligations. The fleet manager could be prosecuted if they now allow an employee to drive a company car or commercial vehicle without a valid driver’s licence. Accidents that result in property damage or personal injury may also have legal repercussions. Therefore, it is crucial for a fleet manager to regularly check driving licences and utilise the Safe2Drive system, which is legally secure and GDPR compliant.

Manual or digital driving licence checks?

Both manual and digital methods of checking must be considered. We understand there are different approaches to fleet compliance in every business. However, our clients tell us that the time savings, the cost benefits, and being compliant with the control of personal identifiable information make Safe2Drive Solutions the application of choice.

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