There are many different types of driving licence status checks that Safe2Drive is asked to perform on behalf of its clients drivers. A current driver licence status is an absolute necessity for any company that permits its personnel to drive on company business. It is an essential tool for Fleet Managers, Line Managers, Human Resources Departments, Directors, and the Board alike who are directly responsible for management of the employees who drive on behalf of the business. The management team are also responsible for road risk, health & safety and the corporate duty of care.

UK Driving licence status checks for UK drivers licences

The Safe2Drive system provides its business users with a solution for companies across the UK to check their employees driving licences and are not endangering their businesses reputational risk. In the UK the Safe2Drive system is a complete checking and reporting system that gives GB licence holders utilising the DVLA  ADD service with online status, entitlement, and convictions data. Returns CPC and tacho-card data and supports CPC training, ADR, and training records for professional drivers.

Driving Licence Status Checking Features

  • Dashboard for urgent warnings and email
  • Risk-based automated rechecks
  • Confirms eligibility to operate vehicle type
  • A wide variety of reports is provided
  • An API for systems integration
  • The most extensive selection of driving permit alternatives is offered
  • Driver CPC training should be recorded and reported.
  • Scores for driver danger
  • Changes since the last check and history
  • Checking capability on an as-needed basis
  • Secure hosted service with ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials certification
  • Each client has ability to archive and delete data according to their own data retention and destruction policy (with the minimum DVLA criteria set to cover the legal requirements)
  • Clients can download the their driver data from the Safe2Drive system at any time
  • Safe2Drive has developed its own mobile application for its platform that provides supports the driver licence details and includes OCR reading capability so that drivers can simply onboard themselves
  • It is fully supported for Android (Google Play) and Apple (IOS) devices
  • The system can support both 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) & Single Sign on (SSO)
  • The Safe2Drive system is hosted in Microsoft Azure on the most modern solid state architecture that is fully scalable for optimal performance

Benefits of the Drivers Licence Status Checks

  • Decreases workload and increases efficiency
  • Management is notified of any urgent steps
  • Maintains ongoing compliance
  • Audit trail documentation for risk management
  • Rechecks that are automated minimise workload and mistakes
  • 24/7 real-time responses
  • Policy for user data retention and deletion is supported
  • Cloud hosting that is secure

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