If your car breaks down, whether it be at the side of the road or while it’s still parked at home, breakdown cover is a paid service that offers assistance. However, it’s best to thoroughly review the policy terms. Typically, to receive assistance at home you need to have a higher level of breakdown cover .

Imagine, for instance, that it is a chilly morning and your car won’t start. Or perhaps you need to pull over to the hard shoulder of the road because your automobile has a flat tyre on the highway.
Your provider will send help if you have the necessary level of breakdown coverage; just phone them.

Many malfunctions can be repaired right away. If the remedy is temporary, a mechanic should be able to start the vehicle so you may travel to a garage and set up a more substantial fix.

If you are unsuccessful in getting your vehicle back on the road, you will require the mechanic would typically tow you to a nearby garage. Or they might be able to tow you to the garage closest to your house, depending on the type of coverage you have. Make sure you carefully review the information and obtain the coverage you require because insurance levels differ amongst providers.


The majority of breakdown cover services offer various levels of coverage, with the most basic offering roadside assistance around-the-clock if you are more than a set distance from home—typically 1/4 mile—from home.

Until the issue is resolved or at least a temporary remedy is in place, the mechanic will be able to perform some roadside labour.

Depending on your level of breakdown coverage, they will either tow you to your home or the closest garage if they are unable to remedy the issue.

The following are some typical extras you’ll get if you choose a higher level of breakdown cover insurance:

A typical breakdown policy often only provides coverage for you while you’re away from home. 

  • Home assistance or home start. You can receive assistance where you reside or a specific distance from it if you have this additional coverage. This might be helpful, for instance, if your automobile won’t start in the morning.
  • Onward transport: This service covers the cost of getting you and your passengers to your destination if the breakdown service is unable to fix your car. For instance, you might hire a car to drive you to your final destination or take a taxi back home.
  • The same help is provided under European breakdown coverage as it is in the UK, but travel limits may be in effect abroad.
  • Safe2Drive Solution assists businesses with Grey Fleet manage this breakdown cover

Does your Grey Fleet Checks for your business include a check of whether your you have valid grey fleet breakdown cover as your company should check as a duty of care.

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