Are you breaking the law? If You Hold A Photocard Driving License, You May Be…..

UK Driving Licence Photo Card Issues, drivers must have a valid driver’s licence. The majority of drivers now hold a photocard licence.
They’ve been around since 1998, after all, but is yours valid? The answer may both surprise and frighten you!

What is a photocard?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) offers a picture card that resembles a wallet-sized driver’s licence.
Your name, picture, and the vehicle types you are permitted to drive are all listed on the photocard.

Is a Photocard Driving Licence Required?

Drivers have never been required to exchange their classic type paper driving licence with a photocard licence, and this will continue unaltered. However with, UK Driving Licence Photo Card Issues – there are certain details that paper licence holders should be aware of, such as how their licencing information will be seen in the future.

Driver Licence Renewal

Whenever your name or residence changes, you must renew your licence, as a picture card is only valid for 10 years and must be renewed.
If you wish to keep driving after the age of 70. A UK Driving Licence Photo Card Issues – you will be unable to drive lawfully if you do not renew your licence.

When you are 15 years and 9 months old, you can apply for a temporary licence. You can begin driving as soon as you reach the age of 17. You must have successfully completed your driving test. You must have held a provisional licence for at least six months and completed your theory and practical examinations before applying for a full licence.

Paper Drivers Licence

If you don’t have a photo card but still have a paper licence, you can use it until it expires – but only if it was given before the photocard was introduced in 2008.
If you have a paper licence that was granted after that date, you must swap it for a photocard in order to renew it.