With the Governments & Local Authorities issuing deadlines for achieving climate targets, it is becoming increasingly vital for everyone to contribute in. While some have already begun to take measures towards sustainability, others are still unsure how. Because the transportation industry is one of the greatest producers to dangerous gas emissions, it might be difficult to determine where we could improve.

Do you want to make your fleet more ecologically friendly?

Regardless of the size of your fleet, the growing concern about climate change means that implementing sustainable practises is more crucial than ever. One method is to establish a green driving fleet plan in order to cut carbon emissions as much as feasible.

Improving sustainability might be difficult if your company has a grey fleet of cars, where staff own and use their own vehicles. There are, fortunately, some measures you can take to successfully adopt a green driving fleet plan with a grey fleet. Continue reading for more helpful hints.

Evaluate the existing Grey Fleet

Before developing a sustainable driving fleet plan, it is critical to assess your company’s present environmental footprint. You may identify areas for development, set realistic goals, and track progress by conducting an evaluation.

Consider the following factors while evaluating your fleet:Fuel types alternative fuels

  • How do you measure & manage your Grey Fleet?
  • What kinds of fuel do your fleet vehicles run on?
  • What engine capacity do the vehicles have or are they hybrid or electric?
  • What is their travel range?
  • Are the vehicles used locally or nationally?

Considering Electric vehicles and Alternative fuels

For some, the most apparent approach is to simply replace fossil fuels with more sustainable alternatives. Alternative fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicles. This is a great step forward in terms of sustainability, they are not always easy to execute and require cash to do so.

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