Driver Licence Checking Services by ” The most innovative Driver Licence checking service”

Do your drivers create a liability exposure to your business?

Safe2Drive Solutions platform offers a variety of Driver Licence Checking solutions to our customers, utilising DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency) services, Safe2Drive Solutions Driver Licence Checking services enables you to quickly perform driver licence checks for all your drivers against current DVLA and DVANI records.

  • Electronic Driver Declaration / Consent / automated driver consent 3 year renewals
  • Electronic results in seconds back in the S2D portal
  • Results stored withing the Safe2Drive encrypted environment
  • Driver Risk Profile Scores are a critical component.
  • Results shown on a dashboard views
  • Penalty points determine the frequency of checks.
  • Identify high-risk drivers with UK, Northern Ireland, EU, and international licences.
  • Provides the licence renewal date
  • We then re-check them for you on a continuous and automated basis.
  • Fulfils your HSE “Duty of Care”
  • To begin assessing your driving risk, get a free quotation today.
  • Some of the advantages include:
  • Your driver holds the proper licence (full, copy, HGV, PSV, or provisional) for the job.
  • All relevant prior driver offences have been identified (e.g. use of mobile devices while driving, speeding, drink driving)
  • The number of points listed on the licence is correct (matches your business insurance requirements)
  • The driver’s name & home address has been appropriately identified.
  • You are notified of any new offences, upon recheck of the driver licence even when the driver is not.
  • Driver status updated both to the driver and the business administration system user, ensuring both the driver & the business are compliant.

Safe2Drive Solutions will review:

  • Driver’s licence (no limit to check volumes)
  • Driver licence status and driving privileges (checking the drivers entitlement to drive)
  • The driving licence DVLA results can be obtained online, on the Safe2Drives secure portal anytime.
  • Safe2Drive will highlight what data on a driver’s licence is correct.
  • It will also highlight the dates of driver licence expiration, full and photocard.
  • Current driving licence endorsements and points
  • Driver licence vehicle category displaying what type of vehicle that driver is licenced to drive.
  • A driver’s licence status is checked to ensure the drivers licence is not revoked.

Licence Check Strategy

Safe2Drive Solutions’ innovative strategy reduces your risk of hiring unqualified drivers while also guaranteeing your company complies with complicated driver licencing rules, lowering your corporate risks and insurance premiums.

Driver Licence Permissions

Safe2Drive Solutions driving licence verification system based on a three-year declaration that accessed the DVLA driver database. The permission can be gained via various permission methods. With our simple driver onboarding methods it means your drivers are in the Safe2Drive system and checked withing minutes.

When your driver has given their permission it entitles us, to access their DVLA driver record at any time during the three year term with no need to contact the driver. Our service complies with the requirements of the DVLA and the Data Protection Act. The system has full data analysis with full management trend reporting so you have clear concise and meaningful reports and actions.

Continuous Licence Results

Our systems constantly keep you fully informed of all relevant driver check compliance issues, so you’re in control of managing your drivers, vehicles any associated risks.

We offer you both peace of mind and the ability to meet your statutory obligations from a position of strength through knowledge.  That’s why our services are used by over by all different sizes of businesses.

Systems & Processes

We ensure all your drivers’ licences are valid, right now, using the most advanced & modern IT systems with high speed secure & encrypted data links with the DVLA and DVANI.

If you’d like to discuss reducing the driver road risk, costs and remove the stress of managing your driver’s licences please contact us today.