The frequency of licence checks

Increasing the frequency of driver licence checks may help your business avoid hefty fines.

Putting ineligible drivers behind the wheel of business vehicles will cost your company thousands of pounds. You may schedule the driver’s licence check according to your needs.
If someone has a history of driving convictions or accidents, doing DVLA driver’s licence checks on them will let you know if they are no longer allowed to drive.

Furthermore, by utilising our cloud-based service, you can easily do a driving licence check online and obtain the most up-to-date information on the drivers in your fleet.

How Much Do Driver’s License Checks Cost?

This will vary depending on how frequently your driver’s licence is checked. It will cost more if you check them quarterly than if you check them once a year, your decision on the check frequency should be based on the risk profile of your drivers.

We do, however, charge a set fee each time our system checks an individual driver’s licence.

Having a choice of options for how frequently you perform these checks helps you to have a more in-depth insight of the number of points your drivers have while also giving you complete control over your budget.

Why is a DVLA driving licence check so important?

DVLA Driver’s Licence Checks enable a businesses to verify that a person attempting to join their mobile workforce or who is already working as part of their mobile workforce has a current and valid UK Driver’s Licence; it also allows you to understand that this individual is legally allowed to drive one of your fleet’s vehicles. This is vital not just for safety and regulatory reasons, but also because if they have an accident, you need to know that your company is shielded from liability.