What makes our company the correct choice?

What is it about Safe2Drive Solutions that makes its system more effective? Clients want to have the ability to manage their own settings, processes, and practices to fit their compliance needs, and it’s simple to use and set up.

Safe2Drive Solutions is a more effective method for managing road risk. With the Safe2Drive Solutions system, you can check drivers’ licences, manage your business grey fleet, improve your drivers performances with driver E-Training online, and provide your drivers with a driving for work app. This way, you can see all of your company’s drivers, vehicles, and the risks that are associated with them.

Our platform not only automates the compliance processes for our clients across a wide range of industries, but it also gives them more information than ever before about the risk profile of their fleet.

The Safe2Drive Solutions Team has decades of experience directly checking drivers’ licences and assisting companies reduce their road risk.


Top 10 tips for staying safe while driving

Do not talk on your mobile device while you are driving.

Even if you’re using a “hands-free” phone, taking or making a call can take your attention away from the road and cause an accident.

  • Belt up in the back

In an accident, a back seat passenger who isn’t wearing a seat belt can kill or seriously injure the driver or a front seat passenger.

  • Do not drink and drive.

Even a small amount of alcohol can make it hard to drive, so be safe and don’t drink and drive.

  • Slow Down

At 35 mph, you are twice as likely to kill a pedestrian as at 30mph.

  • Children

Children can often act impulsively,  they should be particularly vigilant outside of schools as well as close to buses and parked vehicles.

  • Taking a Break

Tiredness is thought to be a major factor in more than 10% of road accidents. , plan to stop for at least 15 minutes every two hours.

  • Walk Safely

If there is a pedestrian crossing nearby, you should always use it to cross the street. If it’s dark outside, wear clothes that are fluorescent or shiny to help people see you.

  • Anticipate

Keep an eye on and try to predict other drivers, and use your mirrors frequently.

  • Use Child or Baby Car Seats

Child & baby car seats should be properly installed and checked before every trip.

  • Keep Your Distance

Leave a two-second gap between your car and the one in front of you at all times.

Safe Driving For Life