DVLA Driving Licence checks now available for DVLA licenced drivers.
We provide an online driving licence check system to determine your employee’s driving licence status. This fulfils your duty of care while also lowering driver danger road risk.

Safe2Drive Solutions will quickly check the status of your employee’s driver’s licence by doing an automated driving licence checks online. This type of verification is becoming increasingly relevant for companies with drivers who use company vehicles for work-related occasions. We assist you in swiftly and easily doing a licence check to see whether your driver is qualified to drive.

Driver Checks are now available through the Safe2Drive Online Portal.
Using the Safe2Drive Solutions to check driving licence points provides your business with advantages that are critical to being profitable:

See the number of points on all of your drivers’ licences at once by adding them to a list.
Our technology allows you to sort the list based on how many points each driver has accumulated.
The dashboard will provide a simple measure of each driver’s points & actionable items.
With our partnership direct link with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), you will never be caught off guard with expired licences. Check the status of a driver’s licence in seconds with Safe2Drive Solutions.

We’ve made it even easier with our online driving licence check, which you can perform at any time.