Driving Licence Checking & Grey Fleet  API – Systems Integration

UK Driver Licence & Grey Fleet Data clients. Drivers of these vehicles have varied Driving Licence & Vehicle histories, present different levels of risk to their employer. Reporting driver licence & Grey Fleet data electronically, clients access their Portal 24/7. The speed of a check response is immediate. The client & driver are able to self manage their data through this API service, please enquire about the Safe2Drive Solutions fully managed services.


  • UK Electronic Licence Checks
  • Grey Fleet Vehicle Data
  • Immediate Web & Mobile Online Responses
  • ISO27001 Accredited – Security Management Certification
  • DVLA Data
  • Information Commissioner’s Office Registered
  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Foreign Licence Verification
  • Grey Fleet Service & Management
  • Northern Irish Licence Checks
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Driver CPC & Tachograph / Driver Digi Card Data


  • Accessible on Multiple Devices
  • Accessible on all Web Browsers
  • Free Multi User Software Licence
  • Instantaneous Results
  • Instant Self Check Functionality
  • Email Alerts and Driver Insights
  • Risk Dashboard
  • Comparison Charts
  • Intuitive System Use
  • Actionable Data Insights
  • 24/7 System Access
  • Electronic Boarding of Client Data
  • System Data Encryption both in “Transfer & at Rest”
  • Mobile Application can be used with API


  • Specialist Pricing available for all sectors, Government, Blue Light Services, Councils, Specialist Integrators
  • Full Documentation Available
  • Your company Branded invitations to Drivers & Driver Application

Vehicle Query Open API from the DVLA at the DVLA API Developer portal.

The Vehicle Query Free DVLA API is a public API that can be accessed on the web.

For more information on driving licence & grey fleet API and the systems integration. This API has the endpoints for the DVLA & Vehicle Query Free as part of our agreement on our licence checking and grey fleet use.

Does the DVLA provide licence check & vehicle data via an API?

Yes, they have created the DVLA API Developer Portal to provide the easiest means possible to view the APIs relevant to you, essential documentation and support when required. Please browse our Available APIs to view their current open data sets.

The DVLA API performs a VRM lookup API for DVLA and DVSA vehicle data, road tax, MOT history and vehicle data to our grey fleet website application & web service

Data requests from DVLA

Certain companies and buyers can request specialist vehicle data from DVLA, including the ‘bulk data set’, ‘anonymised data set’ and vehicle mileage data.

Bulk data

DVLA can provide certain companies with the ‘bulk data set’, which contains 47 different information fields about a vehicle. These companies can provide a vehicle checking service to the public and the motor trade. The data consists of vehicle identifying information which gives the vehicle registration number (VRN), vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, and so on. It does not include names or addresses.

How to make a request

You must fill in a data request form if you’re asking DVLA for new data or want to make changes to an existing data sharing process.

You must explain:

  • what data you need
  • why you need it
  • how you plan to use and store it

Email your completed form to:

Data Sharing Strategy and Compliance Team dvladatarequests@dvla.gov.uk

Check out our API Documentation if you need any additional information, when you sign up to our services of Driving Licence Checking & Grey Fleet Checks.

You can check out Safe2Drive API it is the best solution currently available for integration by your developers.

Is there a UK driving licence app?

Your DVLA driving licence. on the Safe2Drive Solutions mobile app. Simple, secure, free, when you sign up to our service.

The Safe2Drive Solutions mobile app can be used in conjunction with the API to allow your to extend your own system application when using the Safe2Drive API.

If you would like to let us know that you would like access to this API, please contact Safe2Drive Solutions for options.