Companies may elect to use the Safe2Drive DVLA check my Driving Licence service to remain on top of staff driving licence validity, decrease driver road risk, and meet their duty of care. Safe2Drive eliminates the anxiety and trouble of driver licence checks by performing automatic check& rechecks on an employee’s driving licence based on business-defined parameters.

When conducted manually, DVLA driver licence checking is a very time consuming task. It is a legal necessity for organisations with workers who drive on work-related business but can be overlooked when the driver licence checks are done manually. Safe2Drive automates the entire driving licence checking verification procedure with direct driver control. This removes the need for arduous back office administration and the information is provided directly by the driver. The Safe2Drive System provides the system users with a dashboard which is user defined and provides the management team with a risk score of all the drivers and the statuses of the drivers driving licences once they have licence checked. Our Driver Road Risk dashboard keeps things simple and aids the management of your drivers and stay on top of risk.

You can choose to check my driving licence on a regular basis or just the drivers who have been designated as ‘red risk,’ Safe2Drive is a user defined system that provides the users with the ultimate flexibility to check my drivers driving licence or manage your grey fleet. You may also use your smartphone to scan and check a driver’s licence using the Safe2Drive App on IOS or Google, allowing your business to manage its road risk on the move.

What makes Safe2Driver Solutions unique?

  • A direct return on investment for your administration & management teams
  • Protects your business from corporate risk & provides a duty of care to your drivers
  • Processes are automated, ensuring that all checks are completed on time every time
  • Actions & recommendations simplifies the driving data making it more meaningful to the team
  • Reduces the complexity of controlling driver and vehicle risk through our system automation
  • Road Risk is measured and alerted to the client for a proactive approach to corporate risk
  • Vehicle & Drivers road risk is significantly reduced
  • GDPR data standards protecting all personal identifiable driver information
  • Encrypted Data within the system both at rest and in transit
  • Data Storage policies ensuring data shall not be kept longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed

Grey Fleet Management

Every company that has drivers who drive on behalf of the business is obligated by law to do vehicle checks on its driver own vehicle fleet. The driver has to have a legal to driver vehicle in which to conduct company business, these checks must include, vehicle road tax, business insurance cover and, if required, a current MOT. These types of vehicles in the fleet are referred to as the grey fleet management – employee-owned vehicles operated for work purposes.

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